Trends in Financing Your Business in 2010

Trends in the business industry tend to undergo some changes as the years pass by. Understanding these trends will help you plan out your business more appropriately. Whether you’ve already established your own business or is planning on starting up a new one, it is worth considering the latest trends in the market before setting up new plans for your business. Let’s talk about the latest in business for the year 2010:Angel Investment
Angel investment is the term used when larger companies in the mainstream market provide start up capitals and support for smaller business. This system of financing business was introduced in the late 1990s and since then, its popularity hasn’t waned. According to reports, in the US along, there is an estimated number of 25,000 companies or angel investors that support about 50,000 small companies every year. Interestingly, this number is expected to grow in 2010.Entrepreneurship
The year 2010 is expected to open up more business opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. This fact is still in connection with angel investing. According to the Center for Venture Research, there has been an increase or 10% in investment yield back in 2005. Because of this positive result, more and more companies are now seriously considering angel investing. Of course, this can only mean good news for those people who wish to venture into business.Business Credit Cards
In the past, business owners used their personal credit cards to finance their business. Today, credit card companies have introduced business credit cards which are exclusively designed to cater businessmen and entrepreneurs. Business credit cards have made managing business finances more efficiently and conveniently.Furthermore, business owners can now establish their own business credit account so they don’t always have to rely on their personal credit scores to get approved by lenders. In addition, lenders are now more lenient in allowing those with poor credit scores to get the funds they need. Although, these loans may come higher terms, it still opens an opportunity for everyone who wants to start his own business.Equipment lease financing
Start up financing is now the trend in business. This gives a chance for entrepreneurs who have a limited budget to put those brilliant business ideas to life. Before, opening up a business would really require you to produce a big capital. Now, aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have to wait for a long time to save enough money or to get a loan just to buy equipment and devices necessary for the business. By leasing equipment, they can use their initial capital to start production and market their business right away.Home Based Businesses
The internet has opened up a wonderful opportunity for people at home to work and earn money at the same time. We’ve seen the success of home based businesses since early 1990s but in 2000, home based businesses have dramatically dominated the marketing industry. This trend is expected to flourish even more not just in 2010 but in the years to come.

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